Airdrie Canada Day Parade!

This past Canada Day was a busy day for my best friend Mackenzie Murphy and I, we kicked off the day in the Airdrie parade before making our way to Sien Lok park in Calgary for the celebrations. ( I personally LOVE Canada Day because it’s full of love and everyone’s celebrating the same thing!) At the park we had the opportunity to talk to some members of the Canadian Armed Forces and even took some photos, we watched the First Nations elders perform a story and their traditional dancers were there as well! We then made our way to Olympic Plaza where we stopped at the Famous 5 tent where we jotted down our wishes for the world mine was, “for everyone to be able to be themselves regardless of gender, race, sexuality or religion”. We also made a quick appearance at Ota Fest which is an anime festival we didn’t know that at the time but we met so many lovely people there! We eventually wrapped up the day watching a glorious fireworks display.  image image

Written by: Sarah

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